Project Introduction

[Pyramid stock market "Pharaoh" was born!]

Through the pyramid model of the proportional relationship, we produce a "pyramid coefficient" - this widely used in the stock market operation of the new technology, learn a trick, less damage back!

Product Case

Pyramid, since the birth of the beginning, it contains a mysterious like! It is not just a symbol of heritage, history, architecture and aesthetics, but also with a mathematical language to explain the laws of nature! Nowadays, this law begins to be applied by scientists to the study of the natural phenomena of the earth, and the stock market, as a phenomenon on the earth, must be regular, otherwise there is no investment in this world, but only gambling! And as wave theory, Gann theory can not exist - we are traders, not gamblers!

After referring to the digital and mathematical principles of the pyramid, we re-excavated some of these key figures, applied it to the stock market mathematical test, found that these figures and mathematical and stock market volatility fit deep, completely beyond the imagination, so we Call it a pyramid!

The Theory of Numbers in the Pyramid

The data show that the area of the large pyramid is almost equal to the area of the square with the height as the side. Because the slope of the area of 21,500 square meters, and this will be 146. 5 meters height as a side of the square area actually almost the same! And then investigate the height of the triangular face of the pyramid and the ratio between the lengths around the bottom edge, the value of the approximation of the pi: That is, if you draw a radius of the radius of the circle, then the circumference is equal to the length of the four bottom edge. And if the bottom of the 1/2 in addition to the large pyramid slope length (oblique edge distance), then there will be 0.618 golden ratio segmentation. Since ancient Greece, the golden section is considered to be the most beautiful geometric ratio, was applied to the religious temple of the buildings!

The mysterious coefficient of the pyramid

There are many figures on the pyramid, such as the digital pyramid: 1 × 8 + 1 = 9,12 × 8 +2 = 98,123 × 8 +3 = 987 ... ... such as the pyramid × 1015 = the weight of the earth; = The distance from the earth to the sun; the bottom circumference × 2 = the equator of the equator; the bottom circumference ÷ (tower height × 2) = the pi ... and the three-dimensional, the different proportions and the coefficients, We only intercepted from the spire to the bottom of the axis of the key points and the edge of the bottom line of the key value, and then through the stock market and many other financial markets practice calculus, found a lot of wonderful proportion of relations, because drawn from the pyramid theory , So we call it "pyramid factor"!

The Application of Pyramid Coefficient in Stock Market

We study mathematics, not want to be mathematicians, but with its guidance to the stock market and other financial markets, then as the largest A stock stock index, how to use the pyramid coefficient to help determine it? See below -

The history of the largest cliff-style crash, starting from 5178 points, we see more clearly with the weekly line, you can cover the entire screen. Then every point of the pyramid, almost always have a rebound, and the lowest measured point, at 2589 points, in fact, the index fell at 2638 points, but this calculation has been very close! As of March 1, 2017, stock index is still in the uplink, but the recent pressure position in 3362, because to this point of pressure, November 29, 2016 to reach the highest price of 3301 callback, in fact, very close from the pressure position , Today is March 1, stock index is still rising trend!

Not only the broader market, the pyramid coefficient in the operation of individual stocks also has a very unique application, our A shares can only buy up, then involves the callback, bargain-hunting, cover short positions, jiacang, disassembly and other aspects can use the pyramid coefficient Help analyze! Its judgment is like this -

The above is for the broader market and stocks for the pyramid estimates, of course, it can not be nonsense, but also need to combine the volume and individual stocks of information, then, with it, traders can be a very powerful good helper!

How do I use a pyramid?

The pyramid is a program, first of all, you need to sweep the car with the public number, or search gudairen777 (or direct search public number "shares with people") can be completed, concerned about the shares with people, at the bottom of the home page "Pyramid" words, click to access the interface -

The stock in the rally, the lowest of the band into the input, the decline in the stock, the band of the highest price into it, and then click the "measurement" button, it will show five values, to the value of these nearby, you can Combined with the situation of the stock decided to enter or play or open positions, cover positions and other operations, as shown below -

With the help of the pyramid factor, you can guarantee the safety of the operation, you may ask, this is not the golden section or Fibonacci sequence it? Of course not myself, this is a brand new mathematical model, has its uniqueness, and is proven to be very suitable for wave type operation!

In the future, we will also provide the pyramid coefficient involved in the stock market operation of the relevant courseware, welcome to participate, learning is not the purpose, but in order to improve, will be a move, the stock market transactions to lose less, is not it?